Originally created for the PC in 2001, Icy Tower 2 has been on multiple platforms since then and is now finally making its debut on iOS. Thanks to developer Free Lunch Design, we now get to enjoy this established hit with a free download from the App Store.

The title is update with an all-new tilt control, more stunts and different characters to entice new and old fans alike. But the goal remains the same -- help guide Harold the Homeboy to the top of the tower. Is it just us, or does he kind of look like a hip hop lawn gnome?

Game creator Johan Peitz said in a press release that he was excited for the release of Icy Tower 2 on iOS.

"I’m very excited to see the game hit the iOS platform. Icy Tower 2 is an awesome step up for the franchise and the handheld experience guarantees endless jumping fun at its best!"


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Check out some screenshots from the new game:

Look good? Well then, we also have a cool trailer for you to take a peek at: