The iCade series of products has been a big hit with iOS gamers, and now their latest entry in the iCade line, the iCade 8-Bitty, is currently available for purchase.

The iCade 8-Bitty is a retro style wireless controller for your iPhone and iPad. It runs on 2 x AAA batteries and works with a disgustingly long list of games, including Pac-Man for iPad, Super Mega Worm, Temple Run and even the Atari Greatest Hits app.

Even cooler? It also works with jailbroken devices supporting the iMAME4all application, meaning you can use with all of your old school arcade games as well. (Don't worry Android users, it also works with MAME4droid.) Will this cool new accessory make it into our 5 Coolest iPad & iPhone Gaming Accessories list?

This is an awesome pocket-sized controller, one that we ordered as soon as it went up on Thinkgeek's website. Order yours quickly before they run out of stock!