There are a lot of clever accessories made for the iPhone and iPad, so finding the 6 Coolest iPad & iPhone Gaming Accessories was a pretty easy task. These accessories are designed to take your iPhone and iPad gaming to the next level. Why tap on your screen when you can now smash on some buttons? If you're looking for something for the mobile gamer in your life, check out these 6 Coolest iPad & iPhone Gaming Accessories.

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    Atari Arcade Duo Powered

    Kicking off our list of the  6 Coolest iPad & iPhone Gaming Accessories is this neat old school device. Designed for the iPad only, the Atari Arcade Duo Powered works with the Atari Greatest Hits app. Dock your iPad, start up some Centipede and you're good to go! Now all we have to do is wait for Atari to release I, Robot. Hurry up, guys!

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    iCade Mobile

    One of the most frustrating things about playing games on the iPhone is the phone itself. With no buttons or a directional pad, some gamers just aren't used to touch controls. With the iCade Mobile, you can now control some of your gaming favorites with a d-pad and buttons! Bring it on, Jetpack Joyride!

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    Fling iPad Joystick

    Gaming on the iPad is fun, but it can be frustrating trying to play on such a large screen. Luckily, Fling has a cool stick-on joystick for the iPad which should help you out with those first-person shooters. What's great about it is it doesn't get in the way of the game itself. Time to go for some high scores!

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    The now fully funded Kickstarter project is an awesome one for those of us who want to play ported old school games on our iPhone the proper way -- with controllers. Stick your iPhone on the dock, plug it into your TV and grab a couple of old school controllers. It's a pretty killer accessory, and we can't wait to buy one.

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    Apple TV

    With Apple TV's Airplay, you can play your iOS games on your big screen TV. Who needs the latest next gen system when you've got all of these awesome iPhone 5s games to play on your 90" television with 14.1 surround sound?

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    iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet

    Slip your iPad into the iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet and you'll understand why it tops our 6 Coolest iPad & iPhone Gaming Accessories list. It's so popular that more and more games are now being programmed to be iCADE compatible. With its nice joystick and buttons, you can finally feel like you're back in those dingy, dirty arcades from the '80s. All that's missing are some tokens.


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