U no, localizin vidio gams iz harrd. That’s why we have come up with this list of 10 Hilarious Video Game Typos, to have a good laugh at some of the worst localization mistakes in video game history. From photographers taking a picture of your toilet to John Mayer saving New York City from slime, these typos bring up the best mental images. Take a gander at 10 Hilarious Video Game Typos.

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    Wily Meta Fails

    Mega Man 6

    First up on our list on 10 Hilarious Video Game Typos is Dr. Wiley’s spelling skills. We guess they didn’t take off points for spelling when he was writing his doctoral thesis. There’s something priceless about failing to spell “failed” correctly. It’s just… so full of fail.

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    Rollerblades and Firearms

    Rollerblade Racer

    Did the creators of this game really know what ballistic meant? Or did these rollerblades just defeat their opponents by using firearms? Or is ballistic just supposed to be some sort of radical '80s slang term?

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    You Are the Game Terminator!

    Ninja Kid II

    This is a pretty obvious mistranslation of “end” which is a huge fail in its own right. But we actually like the idea of finishing a game by “terminating” it. It makes us think of Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back in time in order to play Super Mario Bros. 3 with us. That would be awesome!

  • 7

    Am I the Technical Monkey?

    Gradius III

    We don’t really know what the game is trying to say here. Is it an insult? Is it calling us technical monkeys? What the heck is an appellation? According to the dictionary it’s a name or a title. Is Konami trying to say that they are giving us the official title of technical monkey? What a bum prize…

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    Isn’t This Aquaman’s Territory?

    Game Boy Tamogotchi

    When going to the bathroom always remember to Flash the toilet. It’s important, because only the super speed of The Flash can match the horrible wreckage caused by your Tamogotchi’s epic poops. Or maybe the game is asking you to take a picture of the toilet? Wow, that got creepy real quick.

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    You Disobeyed the Jam!

    ESP Ra. De.

    Do not use this game outside of Japan. If you do, you will be breaking the Jam. Do not break the Jam. The Jam protects us all. The Jam keeps us safe. If it weren’t for the Jam, the world would plunge itself into chaos. In the future, Judge Dredd will enforce the Jam. No one is above the Jam. For some reason, this game decided to have a full English language disclaimer to specifically discourage English language speakers from even using the game, and it couldn’t even get the word Law right. This is easily one of the most Hilarious Video Game Typos.

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    Billy’s Cousin Bimmy

    Double Dragon

    This isn’t just a typo! Bimmy is an actual Double Dragon character. He’s Billy Lee’s evil clone. Just like Jammy is Jimmy Lee’s evil clone. They showed up in Double Dragon Neon. It’s not particularly clear why Bimmy was helping Jimmy defeat the Shadow Warriors.

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    Hahaha… Butts

    Final Fantasy V Early Translations

    Before Final Fantasy V officially came to America, early translation patches gave the main character the name “Butz.” Yes, you aren’t reading that wrong. Normally we have to rename our characters in order to give then hilariously immature monikers. Someone out there is going to mention that the literal translation of his name would be Batsu, and that he was eventually named Bartz in subsequent official releases, but come on! Butz! That’s like the most hilarious name for a main character ever. Haha… Butz.

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    John Mayer’s Pizza Adventures

    Yo Noid!

    When evil slime creatures start taking over New York city, everyone is paralyzed with fear except for singer/songwriter John Mayer. His fresh combinations of adult alternative and blues rock summons The Noid, the Domino’s Pizza mascot, to save us all. Yo Noid! was a weird game to begin with, but somehow this makes it way cooler. When John Mayer sung Your Body is a Wonderland, he was talking about The Noid.

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    Samurai Showdown

    Finally, we have our favorite Hilarious Video Game Typo, the typo that spawned a new cry of triumph throughout the fighting game community. Victoly! It’s perfect Engrish. You can still hear people shouting this after a successful match at huge fighting game tournaments like EVO. It’s transcended its genre and has been quoted at shooter, RTS, and even board gaming tournaments. If you manage to win against all odds, stand up from your chair, flip your table, and shout out the cry of the ages. VICTOLY!!!!