This list of 10 Hilarious Video Game Memes scours the internet for the best in meme art. We have it all! We have politically motivated memes. We have image macros. We have proto-meme YTMNDs. We have memes that come from the NES era, the N64 era, and even the obscure realm of PC gaming. Gaze upon this list of 10 Hilarious Video Game Memes and see what the gaming hive mind has unleashed upon the internet at large.

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    "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!" is what the announcer of Killer Instinct would say when, appropriately enough, a combo was broken. On the internet, it’s used when an ongoing forum threat or series of memes is interrupted or derailed. Sick and tired of the political flaming on your Facebook wall? Bring up the dinner you had last night and C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! It has also been used in the martial arts world to showcase some intense mid match failures. Its versatility and usefulness gets it on our list of 10 Hilarious Video Game Memes.

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    Do a Barrel Roll!

    Do a Barrel Roll is more than a meme, it’s a proto-meme. It’s one of those strange jokes that existed before social media exploded on the internet. It gained its popularity on YTMND, a site that simply let you tile images to text and repeating sound clips. This meme made us all remember that Star Fox 64 let you barrel roll by pushing Z or A twice. Try typing this phrase into Google. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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    Leeroy Jenkins

    Leeroy Jenkins stands as an icon for all the stupid MMO party members out there that rush in without thinking. The original Leeroy Jenkins video showed a large party ready to take on one of World of Warcraft’s hardest areas, but one of their overeager members, Leeroy, rushed in without thinking and as a result, wiped everyone out. Since then, Leeroy Jenkins has been portrayed on t-shirts, trading cards, and has even gotten an official in-game NPC. Eventually, it turned out that the video was staged, but regardless, Leeroy never lost his place in your memetic hearts.

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    Guiles Theme Goes With Everything

    This meme basically does what it says on the tin. Simply take any video and put Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter II in the background. Seriously, try it out! It’s uncanny how well this goes with everything. Weddings? Battles? Puppies chasing a ball? A man eating a sandwich? The Hindenburg? All perfect fits for Guile’s Theme.

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    Arrow to the Knee

    The Arrow to the Knee meme was spawned from Skyrim after it turned out that every single guard in the game stopped their adventuring career after taking an arrow to the knee. There is someone in Skyrim just going around, shooting people in the knee for fun! Then again, you’ve likely taken plenty of arrow hits to the knee and all you lost was some hit points. Maybe it’s better that these guys stay on guard duty?

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    All Your Base Are Belong to Us

    This is another one of those proto-memes that took place before we had Reddit, Facebook, and 4 Chan. All Your Base Are Belong to Us, spawned from a horrible translation of Zero Wing. A flash video was made, along with a techno remix, and this made the All Your Base meme explode. Soon we saw All Your Base t-shirts, All Your Base graffiti, someone even hijacked the morning news to play All Your Base. This was the Rick Roll before the Rick Roll was cool. This was one of the original Hilarious Video Game Memes.

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    My Body is Ready

    This is probably rated a little higher than it should be on our list of 10 Hilarious Video Game Memes, but it’s a personal favorite. Reggie Fils-Aime, the Mr. Potato Head of Nintendo, always manages to say the most awkward things. What’s impressive is that Reggie turned this awkward Wii Fit joke into a Nintendo advertising scheme. He came back and said the line time and again at Nintendo events and E3, and the crowd went wild.

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    You Must Construct Additional Pylons

    This meme may be the most remixed Video Game Meme on the internet. A simple quote from Starcraft blossomed into a huge retro craze. Simply take any other meme, insert additional pylons into it, and you have a crazy hilarious hybrid meme. Thus we have “bitches don’t know bout my additional pylons” “Madness, this is pylons,” and “All your pylons are belong to us!”

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    Fake Girl Gamer/Idiot Nerd Girl

    Fake Girl Gamer is one of those politically conscious memes that has been ping ponged back and forth during discussions about feminism in gaming. She was originally used as a way to insult so called “fake” girl gamers that were apparently just using gaming for attention. However, professing that these gamers do not exist, feminists hijacked the meme and remixed it to show how misogynist the original meme creators were. People who believe in fake girl gamers thought the original incarnation was hilarious, while feminist loved the remix's ability to shed light on a political situation... wow that was heavy. Let's get back to something immature!

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    Finally, we have Weegee, who managed to get to the top of our 10 Hilarious Video Game Memes list by being absolutely terrifying. This simple cartoonified version of Luigi has the peculiar power to absorb all who look at it. By staring into Weegee’s eyes you become Weegee. Like a vampire or werewolf, this curse is passed on from person to person, never to stop as long as the original Weegee exists.

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