Developers High Voltage Software just released a new endless-runner game called Le Vamp that's currently in the New Zealand App Store. That means we should be seeing it in our hemisphere at midnight tonight.

In the colorful new game, you must help a young and cute little vampire that wants to be able to play outside. But we all know what happens to vampires when they go outside. The gameplay involves keeping the little vamp out of harm's way, helping him as he bounces his way through the forest.

Use your swiping powers to flick enemies out of his path and block sunbeams that would leave him a pile of cute vampire goo. There are plenty of other, clever physics-puzzle based solutions to help ensure he can endlessly run through the forest. In fact, the title reminds us a bit of Negative Nimbus, a great little game that was released last fall.

Look for Le Vamp in the App Store later on tonight.