To go along with the big Angry Birds Star Wars events today, we want to make sure you know about what Rovio was up to last night.

Leading up to the launch of their new game, Rovio held a Google Hangout with members of the team and Angry Birds fans. If you missed it, you can still watch the archived version and get lots of interesting information on the making of Angry Birds Star Wars. Much like Star Wars itself, there's already lots of background details surrounding its creation.

Earlier today, we posted about the release of the full length cinematic trailer for the game. As if a cartoon that clocked in at over three minutes wasn't already impressive enough for a mobile game, it turns out that it was originally planned to be much longer. In the Google Hangout, Rovio animation director Ville Lepisto admits that the first script that was approved pretty much contained the entire first half of A New Hope.

We think that's totally a hint that there's much more to come. Especially now that Disney is involved. They know a thing or two about cartoons.

For more great background info, check out the Google Hangout with Rovio below: