The ongoing fight between the Call of Duty and Halo franchises erupts into an all out war in this awesome, fan-made video.

The video above features dialogue that is NSFW.

YouTuber RackaRacka (courtesy of Kotaku) has made an amazing video of Master Chief going up against a group of Call of Duty fans. The video starts off with a group of friends playing a multiplayer match of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The grandmother of one of the players heads to the boys' to complain, being met with an abrupt door-to-the-face. From out of nowhere, Master Chief comes crashing through the ceiling and throws a plasma grenade into the guys' television screen. After recovering from the blast, the boys all start shooting Chief with a variety of firearms in a comedic fashion, whittling down his shields and shredding the room to bits. The Spartan drops a Bubble Shield to block the gunfire, which is hilariously broken with a pin.

Things get even funnier once a teammate dies and his comrade refuses to revive him, resulting in a Care Package dropping right on top of him. After the grandma is hit with an explosion, the guys mistake her for a Nazi Zombie. Once the grandmother was dealt with, the video gets even more extreme. We're surprised at how many practical effects were used in creating this video, as these real life stunts were mighty impressive for a fan film.

Our favorite gag had to have been the "I'm not camping" bit. We applaud RackaRacka and his team for this hilarious and entertaining video — we can't wait to see what they do next.

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