We hope you weren't planning to sleep tonight, as this Five Nights at Freddy's fan film is going to do a lot to keep you awake for most of the late night hours.

This Five Nights at Freddy's fan film is under a minute and a half long, but every moment of those 90 seconds will freak you out. The life breathed into the Springtrap character by the animators at Deviant Picture Films and Typhoon Cinema is exactly what we'd expect, featuring an angry animatronic looking for blood from whichever poor sap happens to cross his path.

There's even a small nod to long-time FNAF fans if you pause the video right as Springtrap attacks the camera. Is that a human head inside the Springtrap's mouth? Those who have played the game know what's up, but those that haven't are just going to have to spend fifteen different nights at Freddy's to understand the meaning behind it.

If this minute and a half short can perfectly encapsulate the FNAF motif, then we can only imagine what the full-length film from Warner Bros will accomplish. Announced early last month, the full-length Five Nights At Freddy's film will be produced by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter author Seth Grahame-Smith and his partner David Katzenberg, with FNAF creator Scott Cawthon signed on to the project as well.

Look, we understand that those who haven't tried FNAF may be skeptical of the game's ability to translate into the world of cinema. However, this short video proves that these animatronics can be super freakin' scary, and the hidden lore within the franchise is more than enough meat to feed starving audiences. We're not ready to call it the greatest idea of all time, but we're sure FNAF will work better as a film than some may think.

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