Fans of fast-paced roleplaying goodness, watch this gameplay video and prepare yourself for the arrival of Half-Minute Hero 2.

The official Half-Minute Hero Twitter handle posted a new video that lasts about nine minutes long, featuring multiplayer action in Half-Minute Hero 2.

We're shown how the lobbies work, which let multiple heroes connect to each other in order to go on joint adventures across different continents. They'll be tasked with becoming the first hero to defeat the Evil Lord on the map, making the frenzied action feel that much more critical.

The incredibly fast gameplay is made more intense as each hero races around the game, hoping to become the first to bring down the Evil Lord. You and your friends (or frenemies), will battle monsters, downing them like rapid-fire and beef up your characters using equipment and by gaining experience points.

There's no exact date with regard to when Half-Minute Hero 2 will be available to fans, but keep it tuned her for more information on the game when it's released.