Xseed Games claims that other than the Senran Kagura series, it doesn't plan on releasing similar "fan service" titles.

Senran Kagura and Valhalla Knights 3 are just some of the controversial, sexually explicit games being released by Xseed Games over recent years. While the fundamental gameplay of these games may not be explicit, there are certain areas of them that are questionable. Siliconera reports that on Xseed Games' official Facebook, a fan asked what other Japanese "fan service" titles does the publisher plan on licensing and bringing over to the West.

"None," a social media representative for Xseed Games said in response. "Senran Kagura is special because it's by our parent company and made by a most excellent producer."

The parent company of Xseed is Marvelous, who distributes the Tamsoft-made Kagura series in Japan. What the social media representative for Xseed fail to recognize is that Xseed has already been distributing other naughty titles, such as Valhalla Knights 3, which objectify its female characters.

Tom Lipschultz, Xseed Games' localization specialist, provided the following statement to Siliconera:

The idea behind that response, I believe, is that we’re not going to be pursuing any titles based solely on the existence of “naughty” fanservice within them. But that’s not new: even Senran Kagura is a series we were thrilled to work on because it has great gameplay, well-developed characters and a fairly deep mythos behind it. In short, the Senran Kagura titles are fantastic games. The fanservice within them is just icing on the cake. ;)


In short, that quote doesn’t mean we’re never going to release another game containing fanservice again. Really, it just means we don’t plan on pursuing games for their fanservice content alone — and that’s always been the case.

Whether or not Senran Kagura is looked at as Xseed's only "fan service" series, we can expect more anime-esque female characters with waterbed-like jiggle physics in the future.