Are you ready to obsessively farm, collect items, decorate your house and try to woo a spouse? Good, because Story of Seasons is coming to Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

The project will be headed by Lead Producer and Head of Development at MarvelousAQL Yoshifumi Hashimoto, a veteran of the series. Hashimoto said, "Story of Seasons represents a new chapter in our amazing tale. We are creating a new experience that will carry on the spirit of Bokujo Monogatari (Harvest Moon's name in Japanese), and in doing so, will fulfill our loyal fans' expectations and desires while ushering in a new generation of games to come."

Story of Seasons has already been released in Japan and allows players to create their own character, customizing everything from gender, hair style and facial features. Once characters have been made, they'll become a resident of Oak Tree Town. If you've ever played a Harvest Moon game in the past, then you know what to expect with this iteration: farming, collecting items and resources, flirting with the townspeople and expanding on your land and properties.

The new game will also feature multiplayer and StreetPass connectivity, the ability to give gifts and tend to others' crops and even decorative items from the Super Mario Bros. franchise, like the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower.

We'll keep you updated on more news about Story of Seasons as it's made available. Until then, we can just keep waiting around for its release in Winter 2014.