Booya! It's Ring-bearer time, people! Frodo Baggins is the latest addition to the ranks of Guardians of Middle-earth's mighty warriors. This little hobbit may carry the fate of us all, but how does he fare in battle?

If you like, you can even imagine that you're controlling Elijah Wood himself and go through the game cutting down orcs as the young, Hollywood actor. But if you'd rather stick with the established lore and context of the game, then you can use Frodo as a Striker and whip around the map with speed.

Frodo's gameplay abilities include:

  • Heavy Burden - The ability to stealth while suffering damage to health.
  • Light of Earendil - A move that stuns and blinds enemies.
  • Mithril Mail - A shield buff that boosts Frodo's resistances.
  • Sting's Bite - A strike that damages and snares enemies.

You can see our pal Frodo in action in the gameplay trailer below. If you play this multiplayer online battle arena, let us know if you'll be grabbing the little Ring-bearer!