Not even the ranger Tallion can resist the plague known as selfies thanks to the new Photo Mode recently added to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Currently only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, photo mode lets you capture Tallion's finest moments in great detail and go all Instagram on them with a variety of filters and viewing options such as different lighting, coloring, and even a cropped screen for a cinematic look. For PlayStation 4 owners, the process of taking pictures is as easy as clicking the left thumbstick; for Xbox One owners, however, things are a bit more complicated, as you have to use Kinect to get your system to record the footage, then take a screenshot from there.

Still, regardless of the ease of use, the results are pretty dang cool. There are so many beautiful sights in Shadow of Mordor worthy of being caught on "film," whether it's the scenic vistas and plummeting cliffs of Nurn, the filth and fire of Durnholde Keep, or the black blood of Tallion's most recently slain orc nemesis.

There's no word yet on whether Photo Mode will make it to PC, but PS4 and Xbox One owners are already filling their albums with #yoloselfies of them with their soon-to-be-deceased orcish besties.