A new video shows us how to attempt an endless combo with Talion in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

YouTube user Rabbit's Respawn has uploaded a handy little guide that will get you running a riot around Mordor, racking up those numbers on your combo counter. All you need is an epic rune called "Tower of Defense" that increases your hit streak reset time by 10 seconds, allowing you more time to lay waste to more orcs. You can obtain this rune by killing Azdush the Crafty.

The next thing that's crucial for the combo streak to continue is the Elven Swiftness ability, which lets you get a speed boost after landing from a cliff jump or vaulting over objects. Each time it's activated counts as a hit, so your combo meter will tick up and the reset timer will refresh. All you have to do then is run around and kill orcs at your leisure. Just make sure to prioritize which orcs to kill first, since ranged enemies that hit you will resent your combo counter. For enemies in the distance, use Shadow Strike to teleport to them with a bow and some arrows. Should you run out of arrows, simply drain an enemy to replenish your stock.

Study up on the techniques necessary for keeping your combo alive and happy hunting!