Guardians of Middle-earth has a new character for players to use in their assault on enemy teams. This time it's Christopher Lee -- er, we mean Saruman.

The wizened old dude was the Chief of the Wizards and also head of the White Council, making him the top dog of all wizardom in Middle-earth. In the game, he acts as an Enchanter and can stun enemies while protecting his friends with a shield (which also happens to hurt his foes).

According to a press release, his abilities are:

  • Focused Magic: Stuns enemy Guardian, deals are ability damage.
  • Reveals, slows, and deals ability damage over time.
  • Burst Shield: Shield that detonates for area ability damage and silence
  • Power of the White Wizard: Channeled ability over time.

Check out the trailer below and watch Saruman do his thing. He actually looks to be pretty spry for his age. Download him today on Xbox LIVE Arcade or the PlayStation Network.