Kili is a fangirl favorite and one the best archers in Thorin's company of dwarves in The Hobbit. As a new character in Guardians of Middle-earth, Kili will use his superior skill with a bow to bring down even the greatest of foes.

Kili's role is as a Striker, meaning he's best used on offense and for a bit of crowd control. According to a short bio, Kili excels at landing shots with great force, which is completely different from Elven archers who utilize finesse and skill. This makes Kili a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, especially since he can rock enemies from afar.

His abilities are:

  • Wound: Deals True damage and stuns.
  • Scout: Clear Kili of controlling affects and gives him a speed boost if he's got an enemy marked.
  • Flare: Blinds foes and reveals any stealthed or hidden enemies in the immediate area.
  • Make It Count: Deals True damage and snares enemy Guardians.

Will you recruit Kili into your ranks? Or will you wait for his brother Fili to complete the duo? Let us know in the comments section.