It's time to explore that sea of stars with one of the finest role-playing game series ever, Star Ocean.

You may or may not be familiar with the JRPG series that combines aspects of sci-fi and fantasy to deliver thrilling adventures with memorable characters, but it's been a mainstay in the video game world ever since the first title debuted for the SNES. Since then, it's become a sort of cult favorite among JRPG enthusiasts who love the combination of real-time battles with fantasy worlds set against the backdrop of a futuristic, space-exploring society akin to that of the Star Trek series and answers the question, "What would happen if space-faring Earthlings touched down on a planet of swords and spells?"

Check out the gallery above to see some of the coolest characters from the series looking all awesome and badass. Be sure to look out for fan favorite Ashton Anchors, the barrel-obsessed swordsman who became possessed by two dragons!


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