Remember when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were all the rage in the mid-nineties? The property seems to still be going strong, and now a new iOS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game will be hitting the App Store this fall.

Power Rangers Legends will be coming to your iPhone and iPad this November. Slidetoplay got a hands on preview of the game which apparently is still needing some work, with textures missing and not a lot of the game fleshed out.

Surprisingly (not), the game plays like Infinity Blade, a gameplay style that is now getting run into the ground by every developer out there. Swipe to attack appears to be the way to play nowadays. There's no word on which Rangers you'll be able to play as, but judging from the pic above, it looks like they're using the Rangers from Season 1, which included Billy, Trini, Tommy, Jason, Kimberly and Zack. Please don't ask how we know this information. (We're nerds.)

Right now you only play as the Rangers, with no option to merge the Rangers' vehicles together to form Megazord, which is kind of disappointing. In fact, no word on if the vehicles are even in the game. The game is free but you'll be able to download extra seasons and episodes via in-app purchasing. We'll keep you updated on Power Rangers Legends as more information becomes available. For now, enjoy the pic of Rita's henchman, Goldar, getting his butt kicked. (Again, we're nerds.)