Those iOS gamers out there who wish it was still late October should head over to the App Store and check out The Woods, which was just released today. What is in The Woods? Well, the picture above is a little dark. But it sure looks scary!

In the game, you play a paranormal investigator who must solve a mystery that's located in ... you guessed it -- The Woods. While you are wandering, you will be accosted by ghosts and ghouls, but the way to send them packing is to hit 'em with your light of investigative truth. So grab your Fox Mulder flashlight and your nerves of steel, because you are going to have to deal with some freaky stuff.

The most intriguing (and kind of creepy), aspect of the gameplay in The Woods features the "reaction camera" that uses the built-in, front-facing camera on later iOS devices to snap photos of your reactions to scary moments in the game. So even though you think you might look tough, chances are you'll be caught with your lip quivering.

Is everyone in the holiday spirit now?

If this sounds up your alley, check out the trailer for this strange game below: