Everyone likes a good scare, which is why doing a 10 scariest games list was so much fun to put together. Except when I started jumping in public playing some of these games on my iPhone and iPad. Then it's not so much fun. Horror games are aplenty, but which ones will actually send a shiver down your spine or make you jump when you least expect it? Let's take a peek at the 10 scariest games you should be playing.

  • 10

    Dead Runner

    Distinctive Wireless Inc.

    What is chasing you? Who cares! Run through the forest and try not to let the thing breathing down your neck catch up to you. Haunting music doesn't help the mood. When you start seeing red creep up on the screen, you better start running faster. Oh, and don't hit a tree. Because you'll be dead for sure if you do.

  • 9

    N.Y. Zombies

    Foursaken Media

    You can't move around in this game. So you're stuck rotating, looking at your radar at the zombies coming to kill you. Blow their heads off, reload and keep going until you clear the level. Scary? Yes, especially when you start taking your eyes off of the radar and they begin to close in. The terrible graphics might be scarier though...

  • 8

    Silent Hill: The Escape

    Konami Digital Entertainment

    Silent Hill: The Escape makes our 10 scariest games list because you never know when a creature is going to be standing right in front of you as you turn a corner. The moody music doesn't help either. Sure the graphics aren't all that great, but it's fun trying to find the way out while avoiding the creatures trying to kill you. Still, if you gotta go, it may as well be by a spirit that looks like a stripper.

  • 7

    Dark Meadow: The Pact

    Phosphor Games

    How did you end up in a hospital, and how do you get out? A witch and her evil cohorts are out for blood, and it's up to you to stop them. Running on the Unreal 3 engine, you're encounter plenty of ghouls, ghosts and demons along the way. You'll also encounter creepy music and a good scare or two.

  • 6

    Hysteria Project 2


    A psycho killer is on the loose, and you've got to try and figure out how you ended up where you are, why you always feel drugged, and how to escape your environment. So you're either in a psycho ward or a Chuck E. Cheese. Some clever and rather confusing puzzles await you. What's also waiting for you is that guy with the axe, who loves busting through the door and greeting you with it if you screw up.

  • 5

    Fallen EP-1

    7th Sense s.r.l.

    If you like Resident Evil type games then Fallen EP-1 (there was never an EP-2, sadly) is right up your alley. Try and escape a prison overrun with gangs and disgusting creatures. Solve puzzles and bash a monster's face in while you're at it. And try not to jump when you walk to a new screen and a monster pops out at you.

  • 4


    Kydos Studio

    Remember when the iPhone first came out and they had those games where you tilt the phone to get a marble through a labyrinth? Imagine that with Soul. Only you're trying to get the soul of a dead man to heaven. This entry in our 10 scariest games list has you guiding a poor man's soul past crazy obstacles as you test your gyroscoping skills. The haunting music and random "Holy crap!" scares will keep you glued to your screen for a long time. That's if sheer frustration from not being able to pass a level doesn't make you throw your phone out the window first.

  • 3

    Prisoner 84

    Gaz West

    Alright, so you're a crazy nutball stuck in a prison. The worst part of it isn't the fact that you're a crazy nutball stuck in a prison, it's that the other prisoners are all out to kill you. And they always seem to pop up from out of nowhere to scare the pants off of you. Prisoner 84 is one of those games most people seem to have missed, but it's one they should be playing if they like a good scare.

  • 2

    Resident Evil 4


    One of the best chapters in the Resident Evil series made its way to the iPhone, and it maintains the same scares and shocks that were present in the console version of the game. It also includes one of the ugliest end boss monsters we've ever seen. Get ready to blow away some crazed villagers in this exciting portable scare-fest.

  • 1

    Dead Space

    Electronic Arts, Inc.

    Dead Space made me jump when I played it on my console, so stupid me, I put on my headphones, turned off the lights and played the mobile version. Yep, still made me jump. With its awesome graphics and fun scare points, you won't mind jumping either when some stupid creature pops up and tries dismembering you. Just don't jump as many times as I did. It's kind of embarrassing.


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