Breach Entertainment, who released their engrossing and atmospheric puzzle game Shardlands this past fall, has just released a Lite version that you can now get for free in the App Store. In addition to being a way to play this great game gratis, the lite version includes three levels that aren't available in the full game. Interesting.

This will not only entice new players to see what the game is all about, but Shardlands veterans as well. Not sure how Breach Entertainment is going to benefit from getting established players to download a lite version, but in the end it could all just be for spreading word of the game.

In the game, you start things off by waking up in a creepy-looking cave and right away you must get to the business of collecting these magical shards. With the aid of a Navi-like little spirit, you will transport from cave to cave, collecting shards and making your way deeper into the mystery that is Shardlands.

Check out the teaser trailer below. If it tickles your fancy, why not look into trying out the free version of the game? It's available for the iPhone and iPad.