There comes a time in a man's life when he must admit that he is mortal. For the members of 5x5, that time is now.

You see, the world is made up of different energies. As energy can be created but never destroyed, you never really die. While the body may give up, the energy you've created and stored while you were living continues to exist. This is what many people consider to be the soul.

While the shorthand works for those with a primitive understanding of the laws of physics and science, the real fact of the matter is that the "spirit" energy becomes something along the lines of electric flotsam. It's not visible to the naked eye, but this energy can cause disruptions to mechanical or electronic devices, which our brains attempt to pass off as supernatural phenomenon.

We simply cannot comprehend the idea that the afterlife is merely static and noise. The energy has to go somewhere, and things like "hauntings" happen to simply be when large collections of this energy collect in one place over time. Though we still don't know the exact reason why energies are drawn to one location, there's definitely nothing more to supposed supernatural instances than the facts which we have heretofore presented to you.

In the case of these spookiest video game ghosts though, everything is very much real. Stay away from these guys. They mean business, and will terrify you until the end of time.

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