Food and video games go together like Mountain Dew and pizza, or hot dogs and chili or apple pie and ice cream. Basically any kind of food thing combo.

Since the dawn of time, food has been a staple of the video game. Whether used as sustenance for your character or to provide added abilities, games of all types have incorporated the idea of eating something for a modest reward. Now, there are even entire games based around food, which is a reflection back on popular culture itself. Were it not for obsession with the food we're eating, the food someone else is eating, or the food we really want to eat but haven't, titles like Cooking Mama or Fruit Ninja might not have been as big a hit as they were.

Of course, this reflection of society goes a bit deeper as well. Food has become a symbol of status now, and thanks to the advancements in social communication technologies, we can instantaneously be reminded of how well off other people in the world are simply by looking at a picture of what someone is having for dinner. Food shaming is a real epidemic in the modern era, and it's not one we're proud to have partaken in ourselves. Sometimes you just gotta snap a pic of that crazy lobster risotto you ordered, or even that ridonkulous double dutch chocolate milkshake with hot fudge, Oreos, and whipped cream you had for dessert. It's not your fault. It's okay to like food.

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