Sometimes, waiting for a game you've been anticipating can be an excruciating process. Then the game arrives and all is right in the world... until you actually play it, and the pain is all too real.

We've all been there, right? There's a cool-looking game announced, and we just start salivating over the potential and possibilities. Then it gets delayed. Then it gets delayed again. Finally, the game arrives, and it needs a major update to come anywhere close to being playable in one form or another. It's all too common these days, and the result is often massive waves of disappointment that wash over us like a... wave. Dammit.

But you know what they say, "You only live once." That's probably my favorite James Bond movie, but it's also clearly relevant from a lifehack motto perspective. Don't let the little things like that game you spent all you hard-earned cash on not being as great as the dream you built up in your head ruin you day, your week, or even your year. That's from Friends, and you know you can trust the advice of six whiny adults who live in an apartment the size of North Dakota in New York City while working as coffee house waitress.

Seriously though, you've got to keep an even keel when it comes to things you're looking forward to enjoying. It's hard sometimes. We all build up these fantastical ideas, but nothing ever lives up to the hype. Except for Tron: Legacy. That s--- was the bomb diggity.

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