We've all been there. Our friends are hanging out chatting about the cool moment in that classic RPG, and they we are with nothing new to interject into the conversation. We just nod along, and before you know it, we've turned their stories into our stories, and it's just like we played the game ourselves.

I mean, not like that really ever happened. That's just a hypothetical situation based on context clues derived from conversations I've had with other people who haven't actually played these seminal role-playing games. I totally played all of them. The WOW. Kingdom Hoots. Secrets of Mono. Fantasy Starship Online University. I'm sure you've played them all, too. That's why you're here. You're a smart person. You've seen things in your day. Things you won't tell your grandkids about, and that you'll take to the grave.

That's the kind of devotion we're talking about here. The kind where you believe the lie so incessantly, that it becomes the truth. Your truth. It's out there. You just have to make it up.

And don't forget to enjoy more 5x5 episodes yourself. It's what the doctor ordered.

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