The Galaxy On Fire series represents some of the best mobile gaming out there right now. Building off the strength of its reputation so far, Fishlabs just recently announced that they've been working on a massively multiplayer online version of the game that will be heading to iOS later this year.

Named Galaxy On Fire: Alliances, the MMO version will place its flag in the camp of the increasingly-ubiquitous free-to-play model. Alliances will have many of the gameplay elements of the regular series, including MMO tweaks as well, such as P2P combat. In-app purchases are also expected to be a bigger part of the game, offering more than just decorative or cosmetic things for you and your ship.

The "alliances" in Galaxy On Fire: Alliances will consist of three main camps -- the Terrans, the Vossk and the Nivellians. There's no word yet on where it will tie-in to the story lines of the main series, but there's still quite a bit of time before the game will be released.

There will be more to learn about this new venture and whether or not it will be a step forward or a step backward for Fishlabs and Galaxy On Fire fans.