In case you can't tell from the picture above, the galaxy is on fire. Why is the galaxy on fire, you ask? Because of all the heat generated by this awesome sale! That's right, you can nab Galaxy on Fire 2 HD today for free! It's the best 3D space combat game on iOS by far and it normally would set you back between five and seven bucks! You have to take advantage of this great sale and get yourself a copy of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD -- today's Free App of the Day!

This second installment in the Galaxy on Fire series is chock full of space trading and dogfighting, all wrapped up in great adventure and RPG elements. You jump into the cockpit of space war veteran Keith T. Maxwell, a rogue pilot who must protect the galaxy from the likes of alien raiders, space pirates and evil madmen!

There's also new adventures available through the Supernova and Valkyrie ad-on packs. They promise even more space ships, weapons, characters, star systems and campaigns that will keep you in deep space for hours and hours. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a serious game with plenty of content. Getting it for free is definitely one of the best deals you can get on iOS right now.

Fire up those heat-seeking missiles and aim them at a copy of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD! Download a copy today for your iPhone and iPad!

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