Wizkids Games just released HeroClix TabApp for the iPad. Download the app for free and purchase your favorite Marvel superheroes as accessories to the game. Is it worth the time and money?

HeroClix is a collectible board game where players create teams from their favorite comic book and video games and do battle on a turn-by-turn board. The game has been pretty popular for board game fans and now Wizkids Games is getting in on the action by releasing a digital version, complete with figures that you can purchase at your local Toys 'R' Us.

I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about, so I headed down to my local Toys 'R' Us and picked up the two available packages currently out for the HeroClix TabApp game.

You can purchase the pack featuring popular Avengers heroes Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. X-Men lovers can grab the X-Men pack featuring Iceman, Cyclops and Wolverine. Each pack cost around $15. The figures themselves are really well made, as is the packaging, which took six pairs of scissors, a blowtorch and the jaws of life to open.

Once you've downloaded the free app, you then register your figures by placing them in the highlighted circle on the app. (Which I couldn't get to work.) But they do provide a Redeem Code in the packaging, so just enter that and you're good to go. The figures also come with their own card, with power stats that are probably used for the actual board game. That's my best guess anyway, because I'm not sure how they would help you in the game.

Each figure has his own adventure. There are three chapters for each hero. Beat the first chapter to unlock the next, and so on. Do the figures enhance the app? Check out my experience with the HeroClix TabApp and the figures in the video below to find out.

As you can see, the app is rather simplistic. I'm not sure it would really blow your kid away, especially when there are games like Avengers: Initiative and Batman Arkham Asylum Lockdown available in the App Store.

Download the free app and see if HeroClix TabApp is something you'd enjoy. The figures are nice, but they're not needed to play the game, which I found kind of odd. Wanna sell figures? Make people go buy them to experience the game. I like the direction companies are headed in trying to find new ways to play touch games, but if you don't need the accessories to actually play the app, then what's the point? Now I've got a figure sitting on my iPad getting in the way of the actual game.

Click to download HeroClix TabApp for the iPad. Let us know what you think of the game and figures in the comments below.