The wait is over, racing fans! Tomorrow is the launch of EA and Firemonkey's Real Racing 3 and thanks to the good people at GameTrailers, we can now all watch the exclusive launch trailer!

If you haven't been keeping up with the feverish coverage of Real Racing 3, the game will likely prove to be a bold flag planted in the middle of the freemium debate. In a departure for the Real Racing franchise, you'll be able to play this game for free.

Which will likely make it the highest caliber game that's been released for free on iOS. But a lot of Real Racing fans are pretty hardcore. And we'll have to wait and see if the title can equally satisfy both the casual and devoted audiences. Hopefully the extra time that Firemonkeys took to polish up the game means that it will do just that and perhaps raise the bar for what's possible with a freemium release.

Check out the trailer below: