The great thing about there having been so many different games in the Metal Gear Solid series is all the different variations of Solid Snake we're getting as action figures.

This will mark the first time Solid Snake's gotten a Figma, and also one of the few times the figure will be based on his appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The suit is a slight variation on the one he originally wore in the original MGS, and has subsequently worn different iterations of over the years. The painted sculpt looks good so far, and gives us a much better idea of what to expect from the final production model than the prototype we saw at New York Comic Con just a few weeks ago.

As with many Figmas, the accessories are what make the line a fan-favorite. Snake will come with two different firearms, his trusty silenced pistol (with removable silencer) and an automatic rifle. There's also the trademark cigarette and what appears to be not one, but two different cardboard boxes with which to sneak around. Highly-posable, Snake will come with a few different faces and sets of hands as well.

Figmas typically run anywhere from $60-80 here in the States, but we won't know just how pricey Solid Snake will be until it ships next May.