Fatal Frame, the PlayStation 2-era Japanese survival horror that featured a bunch of malevolent spirits and a nifty camera, is set to be released on the PlayStation Network this week.

Miku Hinasaki is a girl who goes searching for her missing older brother and ends up in a creepy mansion full of evil spirits. Luckily, Miku has brought along an old camera obscura that defeats the ghostly does when she snaps pictures of them.

There's just something about Japanese horror that seems to be just a tad scarier than most, so if you're a fan of pants-wetting fun, you'll want to get your hands on this classic game.

According to the PlayStation Blogcast, Fatal Frame will be available on the PlayStation Network on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013. No word on how much it will cost, but it's bound to be a lot less than the prices you'll see on eBay for the PlayStation 2 version.

Let us know if you'll be grabbing this horrific title!