At the Sony E3 press conference, the next project from Suda 51's development house, Grasshopper Manufacture, was revealed: Let it Die. A concept trailer accompanied the announcement.

A vast departure from Suda 51's previous work, Let it Die appears to be a hyper-violent multi-player online deathmatch with a dark, grimy aesthetic. While previous Suda 5 titles, like Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead and the No More Heroes series, have featured lots of action and plenty of killing, the violence in those games was tempered by humorous tones and otherworldly aesthetics. Let it Die, based on the teaser, is far more realistic, and reminiscent of Manhunt, with brutal weapons like a hatchet and a baseball bat loaded with nails.

We'll see if this surprising turn for Grasshopper Manufacture pays off when the game releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 next year.