This latest trailer for the Fatal Frame/Project Zero film is filled with horror, but it's still hard to tell which characters are the ghosts.

GoNintendo has posted the latest trailer for the Japanese Fatal Frame movie. When we first heard that there was going to be a Japenese Fatal Frame movie, we were psyched. After watching this trailer, we get the feeling that this film was made with a Dollar Menu budget. The Fatal Frame series has featured some of the scariest events in the history of gaming, but this movie looks so lackluster. The ghost is just a girl with her face powdered to make her look really pale, which isn't scary. We miss the ethereal ghosts who could pass through walls and float towards you. There is also a significant lack of any cameras throughout the trailer, which is a shame considering there could have been so many potentially scary things done with one (there is a camera in there, but it's really easy to miss). As avid Asian horror fans, Fatal Frame is looking pretty underwhelming. Hopefully, there are CGI ghosts in the final film that the makers just wanted to keep secret until the movie's debut. The J-pop soundtrack didn't help either.

'Project Zero' will debut in Japan's theaters on Sept. 26. Unfortunately, we still have heard nothing in terms of whether or not this film will get some sort of western release. The movie's debut coincides with the release of the fifth Project Zero game, launching on Sept. 27 exclusively on Wii U.

Say what you want about Japanese horror, but this movie doesn't look as scary as any of our 5 Creepiest Moments in Resident Evil: