The launch trailer for Hyrule Warriors has appeared on the Nintendo YouTube channel just in time for today's release, and as you'd expect there's a lot of Zelda-based mayhem going on.

The trailer shows off a few of the playable heroes in action, the throwback menus taken straight from the original Zelda on NES, and a brief glimpse at Ganondorf's transformation into Ganon from what looks like Ocarina of Time. We're thinking that Zelda fans will have one heck of a time charging through the different Hyrule locales, pummeling away at hoards of enemies.

Another new gameplay video surfaced alongside of this trailer (see below), where Link demonstrates why attacking the Cuccos in Hyrule Warriors is a terrible idea. Colonel Sanders himself couldn't deal with all of that poultry. If that still isn't enough news, Zelda head Eiji Aonuma posted on Miiverse that the first DLC for Hyrule Warriors, the Master Quest Pack, will go live on Oct. 16 and include, among other things, Link's trusty steed Epona. "Some of you may be surprised to hear that Epona is a 'weapon,'" Aonuma says, "but in Hyrule Warriors, she can team up with Link to attack enemies! I already had a chance to try out Epona in the game. By riding Epona, I was able to blow heards [sic] of enemies away and gallop swiftly through the fields, and I had a lot of fun trying out this re-imagined version of her in Hyrule Warriors."

Hyrule Warriors is out today for the Wii U.

With all of characters and Cuccos coming to the party, Link better wake up early this time.