The latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors focuses on the DLC character, Volga, and the fires of war he brings to the Hylian people.

Volga might be one of the big baddies of Hyrule Warriors, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to play as him. Volga helps lead the forces of Cia against Link, Impa, Zelda and the rest of Hyrule. In the first mission of Hyrule Warriors, Link even fights Volga for a short time, only to find out that he is horribly outmatched. Volga can change into a molten dragon during his attacks and his spear is laden with fire whenever he fights. His outfit reminds us of Link's Red Tunic from Twilight Princess mixed with a dragon-esque theme. While we feel bad about all the Gorons who were hurt during this trailer, playing as Volga seems to be a blast.

Cia, Volva and Wizzro will be a part of Hyrule Warriors' upcoming downloadable content.

You know Volga doesn't sleep in.