The dark wizard Wizzro is the star of the latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors.

Wizzro's designs look to be inspired from the likes of Bongo Bongo, the Shadow Temple boss from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as well as the Poe Collector character. His name obviously comes from Wizzrobe, the recurring dark magician enemy from throughout The Legend of Zelda series. Wizzro has a single red eye, similar to Bongo Bongo and the Poe Collector, and his clothing resembles the Collector's ensemble as well. Wizzro uses the dark arts, much like the enemy characters he was named after.

Throughout Hyrule Warriors, Wizzro would randomly appear to help the forces of Cia. His ability to shapeshift made him a tricky character during each encounter. Throw in some Floormaster-like hands and other summoned servants, and Wizzro is a villain only a Hyrule Warrior could stop.

Cia, Volva and Wizzro will be a part of Hyrule Warriors' upcoming downloadable content.

You know Wizzro doesn't sleep in like Link does. He probably doesn't even sleep at all.