Falcom's Trails of Nayuta was developed with some fan feedback in mind according to the developer's president.

Speaking with Siliconera, Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo discussed just what the process was for creating the new Trails title, which combines fan favorite elements of both the Ys and Trails series. "We wanted to mix the best elements of the Ys and Trails series," Kondo stated. "We get feedback from fans of the Trails series that they really love the story, but the battles take a very long time. In order to address that and please the fans, we wanted to make more of an action based battle system."

Based on the game's sales success overseas, Kondo said Falcom is looking into developing the Trails of Nayuta into its own franchise. Though the game hasn't been localized for Western audiences as of yet, Kondo is hoping to get the game released stateside.

Just how well the PSP title will be received here in North America remains to be seen, as Sony's support for the handheld has all but dried up since the launch of the PlayStation Vita.