Another day, another crowdfunding drive for an awesome indie project that AAA studios will never touch.

Today’s new crowdfunding project comes from ex-Dreamworks and Universal Studios animator Lionel “Seith” Gallat. The game is called Ghost of a Tale and stars an anthropomorphic mouse in an incredibly dark environment. The game is billed as an adventure project, though it will also incorporate elements of puzzle solving and combat as well. Gallat has pegged his inspirations for the project at Zelda, Ico, and Dark Souls. So we can expect the game to be mindbending, difficult, and incredibly depressing. Sign us up!

The project is an international one, hosted at Indiegogo, asking for €45,000, or approximately $58,000. At time of writing, the project has just broken €1,000 with 41 days left in the campaign.

“I have to buy upgrades for several expensive professional programs/licenses so they're up to today's standards,” Gallat said. “My computer is four years old and my graphic card is definitely not optimised for video games.”