The grandpappy of all fantasy MMOs has reached the ripe old age of 14 this weekend. And with age, comes a bit of leveling up, and some new features.

It has been a long time since EverQuest was released and throughout that time, other MMOs have come and gone. EverQuest truly reigned supreme until World of Warcraft burst onto the scene and usurped the throne. But even now, in the wake of Guild Wars II, WOW: Mists of Pandaria, and Lord of the Rings Online, EverQuest is still up and running strong.

As part of the celebration, players will be able to revisit content from older anniversaries and tons of new events will be brought online for everyone to enjoy. Even the rules surrounding the free to play subscriptions will be relaxed so that more people can enjoy the game for the low low price of absolutely nothing. These updates and changes will also be included for players adventuring around in EverQuest 2.

After 14 years, it is evident that EverQuest has really lived up to its name.