The studio known for Eve Online, CCP, has announced it will be closing one of its major offices along with the departures of two of its executive staff members.

Eurogamer reports that massive changes are in store for CCP Games. A recent financial report states that the company has publicly announced its plans to close one of its offices, located in San Francisco. On top of this closing is the departures of CCP's Chief Marketing Officer, David Reid, and its Chief Financial Officer, Joe Gallo. CCP head Hilmar Veigar claims that this is a part of a plan to consolidate and simplify the studio.

"Joe Gallo and David Reid did great work for CCP and I wish them well," said Veigar. "Their contributions to CCP will be remembered, and we look forward to seeing what they do next."

David Reid originally joined CCP in 2012 and helped launch Dust 514 on the PlayStation 3. Hopefully Reid's departure will not affect the development of Eve Valkyrie for the Oculur VR. It is likely that the San Francisco office of CCP was used primarily for marketing and public relations. Eve Online's executive producer, Jon Lander; lead designer, Kristoffer Touborg; director of security, Sean Conover; and community manager, Pete McKay, have recently left CCP over the past two years.

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