Any player of the popular space simulator EVE Online knows that PLEX is more than just a little annoying to lose. That's especially true when you start hitting equivalency of thousands of real world dollars.

Polygon reports that EVE Online player Ozuwara Ozuwara had $1,500 worth of PLEX destroyed in-game recently. Basically, PLEX is only purchasable with real life money and gives the player 30 days of playing time on EVE Online. You can convert your in-game currency into real life money to pay for the PLEX, but if you do that it's pretty terrible when a cargo ship with 70 Billion ISK (the currency that allows users to buy PLEX) gets destroyed. I guess Ozuwara Ozuwara can rest easy knowing that instead of his PLEX being stolen by another player it was instead just straight up destroyed, but it does hurt a little thinking about how long it probably took him to get that much ISK.

So remember, when playing EVE Online, cash in your PLEX as quickly as possible so that other players can't destroy your entire life's savings.

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