During Electronic Arts' E3 2014 presentation today, the studio announced that a next-generation Mass Effect game is, indeed, in the works. The game is being worked on by BioWare's Montreal team and will be released on the new generation of consoles.

The video in the trailer showed conceptual art and settings so the game is presumably in the very early stages right now. No details were given regarding the storyline or characters, but what BioWare did say is that the game will be going "somewhere new" and that players can expect to explore "a new region of space."

Meanwhile, the studio also confirmed that a new franchise is being worked on by BioWare Edmonton, although no details about the game were released other than they hope to do something new with it. "It’s a chance to have a clean sheet of design to start at the most fundamental set of principles you can have," said BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn.

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