There are plenty of explosions and sci-fi goodness to be had in Dreadnought, which the creators say was inspired by 'Firefly' and games like Sid Meier's Pirates.

Kotaku's interview with project director Peter Hozapfel revealed the game's inspirations and how Yager, the studio behind Spec Ops: the Line, is planning on rolling out their game with their massive spaceships.

The plan is to present Dreadnought as an episodic storyline complete with exploration, scoundrels and incredibly large ships akin to the Star Destroyers from 'Star Wars'. While you're not going through the main story, you're free to explore and stretch your legs, as it were.

"There are two parts to it: one will be the episodic approach. That actually has a directed story and everything like that. We don't know exactly how often episodes will release yet, but [it will be like a TV season]," said Hozapfel. "But apart from playing the episodes you can also roam around this... well, actually universe is a bit misleading because we're starting in our solar system. We want to be relatable in the beginning and then expand into crazier stuff later."

With regard to the 'Firefly' inspiration, Hozapfel and the crew want to make it so that there are several shades of gray in the universe, rather than just the distinction between "good" and "evil." To that effect, there will be a host of factions with different alliances and areas of the universe that are more untamed than others, kind of like the frontier-esque setting of Whedon's beloved television series.

We'll bring you more on Dreadnought as its 2015 release date edges closer and closer. For now, check out the link above and get psyched to explore the 'verse. We've also provided Dreadnought's teaser trailer below.