According to Gamestop, Yager, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Spec Ops: The Line, has just signed a deal with Epic Games to license their Unreal Engine 4 for a next generation title.

No hard information about this upcoming title has been made available yet, however, there are a couple assumptions we can make. Considering the fact that Epic is involved, it is likely that this title will be AAA in scale. In addition, Yager brought us one of the most artistic shooters through Spec Ops the line, so this new game may be a shooter as well.

Yager has a number of job listings that point toward further details about this new project. They are currently seeking a monetization designer who will have “in-depth knowledge of cross-platform games and microtransaction based business models.” This points toward the game utilizing microtransactions in some way. Gamer’s historically react poorly to microtransactions, but if Yager created a game that deconstructed them, much as Spec Ops deconstructed the shooter genre, they may have another hit on their hands. This monetization designer will, “seek out and incorporate feedback from the team, QA, and playtesters throughout the production in order to maximize monetization whilst minimizing negative impact on game experience,” so it seems as if Yager knows they are treading on dangerous territory here.

Additional job listings include developers with experience in real-time strategies, role-playing games, and first person action titles. If all of these job listings are for the same project, we will have an interesting hybrid title on our hands.

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