Everyone likes a good puzzle game, especially when that puzzle game gives you zero clues as to what you're supposed to do. Such is the case with Dooors - room escape game -, a fun puzzle game with a dumb name. But hey, who cares about the name when the game is free!

The goal is Dooors is simple -- try and escape out of each room. Originally with 50 levels, developer Odako just added 10 more, for a total of 60. Which means we here at Arcade Sushi have 10 more rooms to get out of after having just beaten the game.

Tap, slide, tilt, swipe and sway your way out of each room. Solve the puzzle and the door opens up, ready to invite you into the next tricky predicament. The game is a lot of fun and it's really addicting. You'd be surprised at how clever some of the puzzles are. Don't worry if you get stuck, there are cheat guides available online.

Pick up Dooors - room escape game - for free for your iPhone. Can you escape all 60 rooms?