With today's huge Disney Infinity news comes extra details on its every expanding universe. While new adventures await Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible and Sully, what about characters from the Star Wars or Marvel Universe?

Avalanche Software CEO John Blackburn told Polygon that discussions about adding Star Wars and Marvel characters into the expansive Disney Infinity world has been discussed, but no concrete decisions on the matter have been released.

The key to a character's involvement in Disney Infinity, according to Blackburn, will be influenced by their overall popularity as well as how their game play mechanics fit into platforming game. With an estimated 17 different figures available during the game's initial release, don't expect Luke Skywalker or any member of The Avengers to join the Disney Infinity fray anytime soon. Blackburn's enthusiasm at the prospect for both Marvel and Star Wars characters is a telling sign that the game should easily live up to its ambitious moniker.