Polygon has posted details about the project, saying that it "combines the best of Minecraft  creation with the absurdity of Just Cause's over-the-top action moments, all in a child-friendly world populated by iconic Disney and Pixar characters." Oh. Well then ---- we'll take five.

According to Polygon, videos and images that were leaked to them show that Disney Infinity will be a gaming platform on both consoles and mobile devices that will use Disney and Pixar's properties over time, "releasing IP-specific playsets packed with new characters, settings, toys, and building blocks." We smell a marketing giant the likes of which have only been hinted at with Skylanders' success.

Polygon's Brian Crescente described some of the scenes in the videos they received, saying that players were shown controlling famous characters and having them explore areas by on foot, in land and air vehicles, and even in tanks, if they wanted to battle. Crescente also described other scenes where players controlled some iconic characters from the House of Mouse. One scene featured a player controlling Toy Story's Woody and using a sticky hand toy to hook onto a plane flown by Buzz Lightyear. Another player used a toy slingshot to fling explosives at a block castle. And then there was a player that raced around as Cars' Lightning McQueen on a track that they had just constructed.

It seems like the focus of Infinity will be a complete sandbox experience where players are free to do as they wish. But there will be some semblance of structure for those who want it. One of the videos states that the game will be split into "playsets," and a "rumpus room". The playsets will be modeled after some of Disney's hottest properties and, "will include settings, backdrops, toys, and action figures." The Rumpus room, on the other hand, is where players can let their creativity flourish. We're not sure if the company has a money bin like Uncle Scrooge does, but they'll probably need a lot more when these things are released.

There was no word on any of the NFC/RFID figures that were hinted at before, but the game is said to use character cards. And while there aren't even any tentative release windows, it's been revealed that the game is being developed by Avalanche Software, the studio that made the Toy Story 3 games.

For more on these leaked details, check out the post on Polygon. And let us know in the comments below if you're ready to fork over your cash for this project.