Payday 2 director David Goldfarb has decided to leave developer Overkill Software to start his own independent development studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Polygon is reporting that Goldfarb, who has worked for AAA studios for the last 15 years, has left the studio to pursue projects that give him more creative freedom. Prior to Payday 2, Goldfarb worked on Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 3 with EA’s DICE Studio.

"I have decided to move on," said Goldfarb, adding, "It's all on good terms and I think [Overkill] is well positioned to succeed as the last Steam sale seems to indicate. They're doing just fine. It's just one of those things where I've been making games for a long time."

Goldfarb’s new development house does not yet have a name, and no projects have been announced, but the four-person development team is already in place. Early conceptual work has also been in development for a few months. As for the type of game the developer plans to make, Goldfarb states, ”No MOBAs, no comic book-styled art, no pixel art. Like, those are things I will not do. And there's nothing wrong with those things, those things are all awesome, I just don't want to do any of them.” He went on to specify, "I love role-playing games so I will make one."

While Goldfarb seems burned out by the AAA development system, he made sure not to vilify the process or players; "Companies make you less than you are the bigger they are. That's just a rule. They're not evil, that's just how they are, it's like a physics lesson.”

With David Goldfarb’s track record as a developer and background as a writer and poet, his new indie studio promises to bring us some unique and imaginative gaming experiences once they get up and running.