Not only will Payday 2's new update bring in its first ever female character, it'll be bringing in its first ever female character with a fitting Irish accent.

Lady Clover will be arriving with Payday 2's newest update, The Diamond Heist. This new character will come with her own mask, gun, melee weapon and perk deck. She'll be a Burglar, the swiftest and fastest of her kind. Luck plays a vital role in pulling off the perfect heist, and Clover is just what you need.

"Stealing the Diamond will be no easy task. It will require a finer touch. A bit of delicate finesse. A woman’s touch, one might say, and hell of a lot of Irish luck. It’s time to introduce Clover to the PAYDAY gang," Overkill's website states.

Clover's mask will showcase her irony, featuring everything that she stands against -- botoxed lips, surgically modified nose and a look of pure vanity. Her gun is an L-95 that she got off a shipment she intercepted with Hoxton and her melee weapon is... a big stick.

Clover will be available to download in Payday 2 for $4.99 and The Diamond Heist DLC will be available for $6.99.